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PE Pipe Materials Related Knowledge

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PE Pipe Materials Related Knowledge

Currently, China's PE pipe tubing municipal market, is steadily developing plastic pipe, PE pipes, PP-R pipe, UPVC pipes have a place where the strong momentum of development of the most remarkable PE pipe. Extensive field use PE pipe. Water and gas pipes which are the two largest application market.

PE resins: ethylene is polymerized from monomers made, since the pressure during the polymerization due to, the polymerization temperature and other reaction conditions different from, the resin can be drawn in different densities, and thus have a high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene ethylene points. In the processing of different types of PE pipe, depending on the application conditions, the use of different resin grades, while the extruder and die requirements are different.

PE pipe: PE pipe for water supply is the traditional steel pipe, PVC water pipe replacement. Water must withstand a certain pressure, usually use a large molecular weight, better mechanical properties of PE resins such as HDPE resins. Tensile strength LDPE resin is low, the pressure difference, poor rigidity, poor dimensional stability during molding, and a connection, suitable as water pressure tube material. But because of its high health indicators, LDPE LLDPE resins especially production of drinking water has become a common pipe materials.

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